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In guebs we are a few people and thousands of machines. We all work with enthusiasm and determination to build and offer the best hosting service. This is our goal and every day is closer.

Our goal

Our goal is to become the best provider of hosting solutions for developers and Internet professionals.

To achieve it we must offer a wide range of high quality services, that are easy to use and that solve real problems and situations. It is also essential to provide exceptional customer care, carried out by real experts and for 24 hours a day.

Therefore, we need to continuously improve our current services, as well as build and deliver new and innovative hosting solutions that improve the lives of our customers.

Our brief history

guebs born in 2005 as a provider of shared hosting services. Since then we have focused our efforts on providing a quality service, a friendly and effective customer care and technical support and to develop always improving tools and hosting services.

Today, after 8 years developing and maturing our product, we offer a much higher service than most providers and an excellent customer care service.

The opinion of our customers

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