Service guarantees

The good thing about being in good hands

We believe in the quality and added value our services offers, but we have decided to support it with concrete and clear guarantees, so there is no doubt in our commitment to provide the best service.

Free trial for 30 days

Few clients that had used our services did not like them. In any case, we believe it is good to allow you to test before paying.

So, if you want to try our hosting services, you can now do so without paying anything or entering any payment details. Simply sign up in the normal way by selecting the 30 day free trial option as the service period.

Money Back Guarantee

All our services are guarantee by our Money Back Guarantee, one of the widest on the market.

Our Miniweb, Hosting and Professional Mail services include a money back guarantee valid for the first 45 days. In the case of our Managed Servers the guarantee is valid for the first 15 days.

In the case of Miniweb, Hosting and Professional Mail the refund is total, we refund all the money you have paid. In the case of Managed Servers we refund all the money you have paid, except £43,02 for setup fees.

Have more information the Service Terms of Contract and in the Particular Conditions for each service.

Guarantee network availability of 99.9%

Typically, the network availability is of 99.99% or more, but we want to express our commitment with the service quality by ensuring network availability of 99.9%. If the actual availability of the network is less than 99,9% will reward the client in the following way:

Monthly availability Compensation
99,9% or greater 0% of the monthly amount
From 99% to 99,89% 5% of the monthly amount
From 98% to 98,99% 25% of the monthly amount
From 96% to 97,99% 50% of the monthly amount
From 90% to 95,99% 75% of the monthly amount
Less than 90% 100% of the monthly amount

Unavailability time will be counted starting at the moment the client notifies that incidence.

Warranty response within 12 hours

Our customer service is fast and efficient. Typically, during business hours, we respond to your queries in less than 1 hour. After hours, the response time is greater, but we promise to answer any urgent inquiry within 12 hours.

Urgent consultations are those sent from the client support section of our client area indicating urgent priority.

If you do not fulfil what we promised will give you an instalment. If it took more than 24 hours you will pay 50%.

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