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Managed Cloud Servers

100% managed. Full functionality. Guaranteed peace of mind.

Host 10 domains
20 GB of Drive
500 GB of Transfer
38,09 £/month
Host 20 domains
40 GB of Drive
500 GB of Transfer
44,89 £/month
Host 50 domains
40 GB of Drive
500 GB of Transfer
54,05 £/month
Host 100 domains
40 GB of Drive
1000 GB of Transfer
68,63 £/month

Do you need a more powerful server? Check out all our plans

Service features

100% managed server

We take care of complete maintenance of the server, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Full functionality

All the functionality you could want: choose between 5 versions of PHP, 5 Ruby stacks, 2 versions of NodeJS, 2 versions of Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …

Good performance and stability

Your server will never remain short of resources, since in addition to be able to change a plan to another, you can request its expansion up to 128 GB of RAM, several TB of space, etc.

Temporary extensions

If you need your server to have more power and performance for a few days, you can add more CPU/RAM resources to your server temporarily.

The best dedicated hosting

All the functionality of our hosting plans with the stability and privacy that only a dedicated server offers.

Host hundreds of web sites

By default, each plan can host a number of web sites, from 10 to 200. But you can accommodate even more at a rate of £18,32 per year per domain.

Backups included

We take care of backing up your server every day. We always have backups of different dates, so you can recover any file or database.

cPanel and Softaculous included

The most widely used control panel and the best application installer. Installing a WordPress, an learning platform or a powerful ERP has never been so easy.

The most powerful management panel

Features and Prices

Plan Domains RAM Drive Transfer Price/month Price/semester Price /year
VS-120 15 1 GB 200 GB 500 GB £42,14 £252,84 £457,12 Buy
VS-140 20 1 GB 40 GB 500 GB £49,47 £296,81 £538,66 Buy
VS-220 20 2 GB 20 GB 500 GB £52,22 £313,30 £538,66 Buy
VS-240 50 2 GB 50 GB 500 GB £62,29 £373,76 £648,58 Buy
VS-260 50 2 GB 60 GB 750 GB £73,29 £439,72 £758,51 Buy
VS-420 100 4 GB 20 GB 1000 GB £72,37 £434,22 £713,63 Buy
VS-440 100 4 GB 40 GB 1000 GB £81,53 £489,19 £823,56 Buy
VS-480 100 4 GB 80 GB 1000 GB £99,85 £599,12 £1070,90 Buy
VS-820 200 8 GB 20 GB 1000 GB £105,35 £632,10 £1034,25 Buy
VS-840 200 8 GB 40 GB 1000 GB £114,51 £687,06 £1189,99 Buy
VS-880 200 8 GB 80 GB 1000 GB £132,83 £796,99 £1419,01 Buy
VS-1620 200 16 GB 20 GB 1000 GB £182,30 £1093,80 £1594,90 Buy
VS-1640 200 16 GB 40 GB 1000 GB £191,46 £1148,76 £1750,63 Buy
VS-1680 200 16 GB 80 GB 1000 GB £209,78 £1258,69 £1979,65 Buy
VS-3260 200 32 GB 60 GB 1000 GB £375,59 £2253,56 £4117,78 Buy

Cloud Providers VPS Providers
100% managed Surcharge of 45,80 £ /month Surcharge of 45,80 £ /month
24x7 monitoring
Free Migration
Backup Management
Proactive security
Resources guaranteed
cPanel and WHM included
Softaculous application installer

Service extensions

Additional Domains

You can add the possibility to host more domains at a rate of £18,32 per year per domain.

Additional drive space

You can add additional space for £0,46 monthly per GB.

Additional data transfer

You can buy additional data transfer at a rate of £0,46 monthly per GiB.

Temporary CPU/RAM expansions

Extension Price per day Price per month
Expand to VS-2xx1 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM £0,85 £25,65
Expand to VS-4xx2 vCPU and 4 GB of RAM £1,74 £52,22
Expand to VS-8xx2 vCPU and 8 GB of RAM £3,35 £100,77
Expand to VS-16xx4 vCPU and 16 GB of RAM £6,07 £182,30

Only SSL Certificate

RapidSSL Certificate

The SSL certificate used by most of our customers. Only £27,48 annually.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

Valid to protect any subdomain of a specific domain. Only £119,09 yearly

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate

Certificate that provides additional security and aditional confidence to the user, because allows you to include in your web the dynamic button GeoTrust. Only per £109,93 annual.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Certificate

All the advantages of GeoTrust True BusinessID, but also thanks to the EV technology, increases the safety perception of your users by highlighting in green the address bar. Only per £160,31 annual.

* It is recommended to buy SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. If you only buy a SSL certificate your HTTPS / SSL website won’t be accessible to users of Internet Explorer in Windows XP or other system that does not support SNI.

SSL certificate and dedicated IP address

RapidSSL certificate and dedicated IP

Only per £54,96 annual can protect all your web traffic by SSL encryption.

Dedicated IP and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate

Valid to protect any subdomain of a specific domain. Only £146,57 yearly

Dedicated IP and GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate

Basically the same encryption of RapidSSL but with the added value of the GeoTrust brand, which gives confidence to your users. Only per £114,51 annual.

What is this service?

This is a service that mixes the best shared hosting service and a dedicated server: provides all the functionality of our hosting with the stability, privacy and scalability of a dedicated server.

In addition, we handle the complete maintenance of the server, so you only need worry about building and maintaining your websites.

What means that the server is 100% managed by guebs?

Our server management service includes the initial setup of the server and 10 incidents or monthly requests. Our goal is that you, our client, focus on creating and maintaining your web sites while we take care of setting up and maintaining the server. We believe that 10 incidents / inquiries per month are more than enough to do it.

Will I have root access or administrator?

No, the server is managed by us.

Once purchased, how long it takes to activate?

We have to create and configure a server, a process that requires a couple of hours.

What happens when I reach the transfer limit?

None, we will not discontinue service or anything like that. At the end of the month, will calculate the excess transfer consumed and will charge you at the price indicated in Expansions.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. We give you 15 days to try out the service and if you're not convinced we will refund all the money you paid for your server, except £45,80 for expenses of registry.

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