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The .ES is the perfect domain for any business or project oriented to Spain. It's one of the most widely used domains and, therefore, facilitates that your visitors remember your website.

To register a .ES domain you must not meet any special requirement. Any person or entity, regardless of nationality, can register such a domain.

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.ES domain £10,42 £10,42 £0,00

Services included with your domain

Domain Panel and DNS

All domains registered with us have access to two tools. From the Domain panel settings related to registration are managed, from DNS panel the additional services that we offer are managed.

Modify contacts

From the Domain panel you can modify the domain owner, administrative and technical contacts for your domain.

Change DNS servers

Anytime you can change the DNS servers that your domain uses, for example to host the domain with another hosting provider other than us.

Name servers management

The Domain panel allows you to register DNS servers under your own domain, so you can use your domain as DNS server for other domains.

Block or unblock your domain

As a security measure some extensions (COM, NET, ORG, ..) can block your domain, so that it can not be transferred to another provider. From the Domain panel you can lock or unlock your domain.

DNS Records Management

From the DNS panel you can create, modify or delete the DNS records for your domain. This allows you to point your domain or subdomain to one of our cloud server or an external service.

URL redirections

Managing DNS records not only lets you create normal DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, etc) and can also create URL and FRAME records, which are responsible to redirect your domain to the website you enter.

Mail redirects

If you don't have a hosting or email email, you can redirect your domain to addresses on an e-mail from an external provider (Gmail, Hotmail or any). For example, you could redirect to

Parking page

The DNS panel lets you configure a parking page for your domain, that is, you can create a website of a single page to be displayed to anyone who accesses your domain, perfect for simple websites or temporary page while you build your ultimate web .

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