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General Conditions of the Special price for Hosting Ultimate promotion

1. Acceptance of Terms

The mere act of purchasing the Hosting Ultimate plan for a period of 1 year during the term of the promotion and, as long as you are a valid beneficiary of the promotion, means that you accept the conditions set out in the following points.

2. Promotion description

This promotion allows you to buy the Ultimate Hosting plan paying only 59,88 € for the first year of service.

The discount will only apply at the time of the date of registration or contract of the service, shall not apply in future renewals of service.

The discount applies only to new purchases that are intended to accommodate domains that are not hosted with us at the time of recruitment. I mean, is not applicable to new purchases that are intended to host domains that are already hosted with us.

3. Valid beneficiaries

They will be eligible for this promotion both new and existing clients.

4. Promotion validity

The promotion will be valid until 500 plans are purchased at the promotional price.

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