100% managed servers

The ideal hosting for the most ambitious projects. Speed, scalability and peace of mind guaranteed.

Server VS-1

To start your project with the advantages of a 100% managed dedicated server.

  • 1 CPU
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 25 GB SSD disk

34,42 £/month

o 31,84 £ /month paying annually

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Server VS-2

For web projects with moderate traffic and space requirements.

  • 1 CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 50 GB SSD disk

43,02 £/month

o 39,72 £ /month paying annually

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Server VS-4

The recommended plan for most online shops and ambitious projects.

  • 2 CPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 80 GB SSD disk

55,07 £/month

o 50,48 £ /month paying annually

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Server VS-8

The resources you need to handle large volumes of traffic and high loads.

  • 4 CPU
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 160 GB SSD disk

102,39 £/month

o 92,93 £ /month paying annually

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Need a more powerful server? Check out all our plans

100% managed server

Servers really managed: we take care of the complete maintenance of the server, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Full functionality

All the functionality you could want: full mail service, DNS service, PHP 8, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SSH access, etc.

Good performance and stability

Guaranteed CPU/RAM/IO resources, our web accelerator and enormous scalability (up to 20 CPUs and 128 GB RAM) mean high performance around the clock.

Optimised for WordPress

The best hosting for your WordPress or Woocommerce: optimised speed at all levels, expert technical support, several free premium themes and much more.

Temporary extensions

If you need your server to have more power and performance for a few days, you can add more CPU/RAM resources to your server temporarily.

Host hundreds of web sites

By default, each plan allows you to create up to 5 hostings, with no limit to the number of domains hosted. But if you need to host more projects you can do so by upgrading to a higher cPanel licence.

Daily backups

We back up your server every day. And we always have copies of different dates so you can recover any file or database.

Disaster recovery

We always have a backup, which allows us to recover the service even in cases of force majeure.

cPanel and Softaculous included

The most widely used control panel and the best application installer. Installing a WordPress, an learning platform or a powerful ERP has never been so easy.

Our advantage

Unlike most providers, our servers are truly 100% managed, so our servers allow you to focus on your business without having to worry about the stability, security and performance of your website.

100% managed cloud servers Other managed suppliers Unmanaged Cloud Servers
Infrastructure maintenance
Operating system maintenance At customer's request
Maintenance of cPanel and other services At customer's request
Linux OS version upgrades
Root access Depends on the supplier
24x7 monitoring
Infrastructure monitoring
Monitoring services
Performance and error monitoring
Monitoring of available space
Managed and cost-free backups Depends on the supplier
Offsite backups
Disaster recovery
Infrastructure and Security
Urgent security patching
Regular security updates At customer's request
Implementation of security measures
Protection against brute force attacks Depends on the supplier
Web protection with ModSecurity Depends on the supplier

Comparison of Plans

Plan Hostings CPUs RAM Drive Transfer Price/month Price/semester Price /year
Server VS-1 5 1 1 GB 25 GB 1 TB £34,42 £197,90 £382,04 Buy
Server VS-2 5 1 2 GB 50 GB 2 TB £43,02 £249,53 £476,69 Buy
Server VS-4
5 2 4 GB 80 GB 4 TB £55,07 £320,09 £605,76 Buy
Server VS-8 5 4 8 GB 160 GB 5 TB £102,39 £567,90 £1115,00 Buy
Server VS-16 5 6 16 GB 320 GB 6 TB £172,09 £955,10 £1893,00 Buy
Server VS-32 5 8 32 GB 640 GB 7 TB £301,16 £1661,00 £3313,00 Buy
Server VS-48 5 12 48 GB 960 GB 9 TB £408,71 £2254,00 £4496,00 Buy

Extensions and extras

Additional drive space

To increase the space you can upgrade to a higher plan or add a secondary disk of the desired size. The size of the secondary disks can be increased as many times as needed.

We offer 2 types of secondary disks: high performance disks at a cost of £0,43 per month per GiB and magnetic disks at a cost of £0,28 per month per GiB.

Additional hosting accounts

If you need to create more hosting accounts it is necessary to upgrade to a higher cPanel license

CPanel Licence Price per month
Up to 30 hosting accounts
Up to 50 hosting accounts
Up to 100 hosting accounts
Hasta 150 cuentas de hosting
Hasta 175 cuentas de hosting
Hasta 200 cuentas de hosting
Hasta 300 cuentas de hosting

Temporary CPU/RAM expansions

If you expect a one-off increase in traffic or activity on your server, you can temporarily increase its CPU and RAM resources.

Extension Price per day Price per month
Expand to VS-2xx
1 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM
£0,80 £24,09
Expand to VS-4
2 vCPU and 4 GB of RAM
£1,63 £49,05
Expand to VS-8
2 vCPU and 8 GB of RAM
£3,15 £94,65
Expand to VS-16
4 vCPU and 16 GB of RAM
£5,70 £171,23
Expand to VS-32
8 vCPU and 32 GB of RAM
£12,05 £335,58
Expand to VS-48
12 vCPU and 48 GB of RAM
£18,07 £464,64

Web optimisation service

Our performance optimisation service for WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop is the easiest way to speed up your website and ensure you get the most out of your hosting. It costs £16,35 per website.

SSL certificates and dedicated IPs

RapidSSL Certificate

The SSL certificate used by most of our customers. Only £25,81 annually.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

Valid to protect any subdomain of a specific domain. Only £111,86 yearly

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate

Certificate that provides additional security and aditional confidence to the user, because allows you to include in your web the dynamic button GeoTrust. Only per £103,25 annual.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Certificate

All the advantages of GeoTrust True BusinessID, but also thanks to the EV technology, increases the safety perception of your users by highlighting in green the address bar. Only per £150,58 annual.

Dedicated IP address:

The cost of a dedicated IP address is £51,63 per year.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is this service?

It is a service that combines the ease of use and extensive functionality of our hosting plans with the performance, scalability and privacy of a dedicated server.

We take care of the complete server maintenance, so you can focus on your projects.

Who is this service for?

It is a service designed for companies and organisations that want to focus on the development of their projects, benefiting from a hosting service that is easy to use and offers high levels of performance and scalability.

Will I have root access or administrator?

No. Since we take care of all server maintenance, it is neither necessary nor possible to provide root access to the client.

How long it take to activate the service?

Once we receive the payment, we start the service activation process, which, depending on the workload, can take between 2 and 24 hours.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal and bank transfer or deposit. More information on payment methods.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, we give you 15 days to try the service and if you are not convinced we will refund all the money you have paid for your server, except 50,00 € for the setup fee.

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